Saturday, May 1, 2010

A new errh....Nightmare???

(courtesy of New Line Cinema)

Hola mis amigos:

I know, I know, where the hell have I been? Apparently, living! Yeah, I'd love to be the globetrotting oso I was born to be, but since this blog doesn't pay my rent, I gotta go with what the Master Bears say. Yes, I will visit this blog page every now and again, but anyway, here's my latest entry.

So, I won a free pass to the new 'Nightmare on Elm Street', the new 2010 remake of Wes Craven's 1984 horror classic. Well folks, this 'cub' reporter had to brave a long line, no seating and parking my hairy ass up in the nosebleeds somewhere, but in the end, was it worth it?

No....and yes. I have to admit, I didn't HATE the new version. It was slickly made and was well put-together, but in the end, it was still a REMAKE of an already much better horror classic. So, since we are now being swamped with every movie from the 1980's going through a brand-new tweak, (Um, yep, even 'The Karate Kid' is getting a new coat of wax - sad to say) it seems, any hope of Hollywood delivering any new, original product are officially the way of the dodo bird, we have to put up with new, crappy versions of old classics.

Having said that, yeah, Elm Street teens are being slaughtered by red-and-green-striped-fingernails-as-knives-former-pedophiliac-turned-killer-sandman Freddy Krueger who kills them in their dreams [er, nightmares]. Jackie Earl Haley is just merely okay as the new Freddy, but he deservesd a better script, or in this case, bring back Robert Englund. Pay him $40,000,000 goddamit!!! He's worth it!!!

Tata for now, my kiddies. I'll see you in my wet dreams! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My final blog for 2009

Hola mis amigos...that is if I have any left.

So, the year is at an end, as is the decade. The '00's were certainly interesting for me. The ups have been good; the downs have been many (including not having a cave), but why bitch about it? I'm here, I'm queer (though pit me against Adam Lambert and you might wonder), and hey, I've gotten me some tushy this year, so I'd say 'I'm living the high life'.

Okay, I realize that this blog should've been more consistent, but life can be a bit of a doozy at times. But, here are a few of the highlights that I wish to share with the few remaining people who read this.

Celebrated my first Halloween with my group the Latinos D and even at the Center where I dressed as bludgeoned zombie.

Celebrated a wonderful thanksgiving with my family, again my Latinos D family and even got to 'go-go' at the Center for FURBALL (Thanks Joe, Mike, Jace, Joe P, and Bill for quite the fun night...and a special mention to Kevin wherever you are)

I took part in a retreat funded by my group. Went to the Catskills, partook in many important workshops, met many interesting people and even did the Y.M.C.A.

Saw the Michael Jackson film...hmmm, what might've been. :-(

Saw '2012'...okay, only Hollywood could make 'the end of the world' so glossy!

Still work at Starbucks (and still hate it)

Looking forward to making my magazine 'Dimension D' a real magazine by early 2010; fixing my funky little crown, maybe making something of my marshmallow body, make a porno or two (okay, I'm kidding...maybe) and become a millionaire by 2011. (I can dream, y'know!)

Have a great rest of 2009 and look forward to the teens. C.

Btw: 'Boom Boom Pow', 'I Gotta Feeling' and 'Empire State of Mind' should be the national anthems for 2009.

R.I.P. MJ, Farrah, Bea, Willie, Patrick and Myrta Marzan.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blogs...Part I, II, III, IV...


Listen, I've been a bad, bad, B-aaaaD BEAR! I've left this blog 'bear' for quite sometime and didn't realize that I actually had an audience! So here it goes, before Thanksgiving, I'll be briefing you all 'ositos' of my recent activities as well as some upsoming events.

One of which will be out Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday the 25th at our MPowerment offices on 24 West 25th Street. For further info, call Hugo, Gerardo and Mauro for more info: 212-967-8530

What can I say? Been living in a cave!! That's what bears do. :-)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Big party this Friday!

Hola mis amigos y que tal?

Alright, my life's been pretty hectic which is why my postings have been a bit slim, but I am here to invite you to a great party this Friday, the 30th; the night before Halloween. It's called 'NOCHE DE VAMPIROS' or 'A Night with Vampires'.

There'll be hot guys, lots of food (and blood, if that's your thing. Just kidding) and yes, A CONTEST!!! OMG!!! ;-) Come up with the sexiest, weirdest vampire costume and win a big prize...maybe even some nookie.

For more information call Hugo, Gerardo or Mauro at the Latino Commission on AIDS [] at 212-967-8530.

It'll be a bloody scream HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! [very bad evil laugh] See you there.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm BAAAAAACK!!! ('Whip It' review)

(courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures)

Hola y que tal. Guess what? I'm baaaaaaack!!!

Okay, after a very long and even painful couple of weeks; I am very happy to report that your 'cub' reporter has nicked a few of his major problems in the bud. I'll be blogging on a few of the venues, events and even movies that I go to or see and ecrtainly hope to the Almighty that you are reading them. First review of Drew Barrymore's directorial debut. It seems Ms. Barrymore and her star, 'Juno's' Ellen Page, haved 'whipped' up a winner!

Page (in a somewhat nicer version of the more acerbic and off-puttin 'Juno' character) plays a Texas teen named Bliss Anderson who is literally forced by her mother's sad decree to enter every beauty pageant imaginable, despite her objections. Her mother is played by the incomparable, Oscar-winning actress Marcia Gay Harden who plays a more toned-down version of Sissy Spacek's mother in 'Carrie', but without the Biblethumping. Clearly, Bliss is too square a peg to even fit in these pretty, round holes, so on a trip to Austin, she finds her calling...all-female roller derby.

Though not having been on skates for quite a while, eventually she gets the hang of it and impresses her teammates, and even catches the ire of a rival (played wonderfully by Juliette Lewis in a rare performance), and even finds a potential boyfriend (Landon Pigg), until [ahem] she's caught by her mom, her true age is called into question and even loses her love interest to the same 80's glam rock band T-Shirt she was wearing. Oh yeah, and she has to appear in a pageant that's (wouldn'tcha know it???!) on the same day as the big game. What's a rebellious teenage roller derby girl with moxie to do?

Face it, folks; we all love an underdog story and 'Whip It' provides us with a good one. True, the movie's themes have been done to death before and yeah, there's no sign of the Devo song that should be accompanying this; but still, the film's a breath of fresh air and never once feels false. Barrymore directs her cast and herself with plenty of assurance and even takes a backseat to much of the action, opting to focus solely on Page, who is once again in rebel mode, but is a lot more likeable than that last incarnation (The film 'Juno' was loved by many, but not me). Shauna Cross does a fine job of scripting from her young adult novel 'Derby Girl' and in the end, we end up rooting...and yes, even caring about all of the characters.

Next time, buy the rights to the Devo song, so we can hear it at some point; even in closing credits.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Okay, this blog is just for me.

I am a good person.

I love my life.

I am great at what I do.

I am happy, though sometimes I don't show it.

My life is fine, but it will get even better.

I surround myself only with good people who love me as I am.

If anyone has an issue with the way I look; they need to take it up with two people: God and my mother.

People may think that my being is an excuse to pour their failures and insecurities on me. Trust me, they need more than their junk to weigh me down.

Beauty is deceptive. Outer beauty hides pure ugliness whereas inner beauty will glow no matter what the package it comes in.

God (or whatever you wanna call him or it) may good for some things...but nothing beats good old fashioned common sense and reason.

Love is subjective. Love is cruel. Love is unkind...but it's still something we all want (myself included).

In closing...I <3 me...always.

Carlos J. Gonzalez

Friday, September 11, 2009

But, he homeless...

Hola everybody:

I post this blog with a very heavy heart in reporting that as a 'cub' reporter, I am now actually reporting from the trenches. Folks, this bear was forced to turn in his keys to his roommate and is now commonly known as 'undomeciled' or 'homeless'.

I would've never thought this could ever happen to me; a smart, relatively resourceful man with a biting sense of humor and plenty of lip. I guess once you realize the preciousness of what you have when you don't have it anymore: a warm bed, a television, light and electricity, a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room to entertain, internet access and yes, even scores of porn.

Am I asking why this is happening? No, not really. I have tried and am still trying to make a name for myself in the big bad city and I do believe in my heart of hearts that I will achieve that dream; but as always, there are hurdles, bumps, arrows and even bullets to dodge and sometimes they hit - and hard!

But, fret not. My spirit is not deterred, nor am I down in the dumps. This is just temporary and I know that once the job I seek is granted, my troubles will be over and I will have a roof over my head and finally the career. I want to thank each and every reader of my blog and hope that it continues to entertain, inform, challenge, or even make you gag. One can only hope!

Oh yeah and in rememberance: